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TC expects loan payments to be made on a regular monthly basis per the agreed terms of the loan contract. In the event you are not paying by allotment, payments are expected by the end of each month, by personal check, money-order or wire transfer per the information below.

Checks and money-orders (send no cash) must be made payable to 'TC CORP' and should be mailed directly to our stateside depository bank at:

First State Bank
2002 Broadway - PO Box 1267
Scottsbluff, NE 69361 - 1267

For wire transfers, please use the following information:
Bankers Bank of the West
Routing no : 102003743
Account : 1000944
Account name : First State Bank of Scottsbluff
To Credit : TC Finance Co.
For the account of : 7119282

On all payments not made by allotment, always indicate: TC Corp, your full name, SSN and/or TC Corp account number as a reference on your payment.

You may make additional payments at any time during his loan. Partial or full pre-payments are accepted without penalty, reducing the total cost of your loan.

Allotment Start Information

We recommend using the online myPay allotment system.

Please provide the following information:

• Routing number: 104113343
• Account number: 7119282
• Checking Account: (see middle section of loan contract for monthly amount)

Always save / print a copy of the confirmation page of allotment input to return to us for proof of processing and in order to trace in the event of misprocessing. We need this to verify that the allotment has been processed for the right amount, to the right bank starting at the right date.


At month end, if your allotment does not start (verify on your LES), you are responsible to forward us your monthly payment by check or wire-transfer as indicated below and to reprocess your allotment start.

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