After submitting an online application here, you and your sales agent shall receive our loan approval proposal as a .pdf attachment by email.

Verify the loan amount on the approval

TC Corp may reduce the total loan amount requested in order to limit it's risk as a creditor. The difference between the total purchase price and the effective loan amount represents the down-payment you are responsible to pay to the seller via your sales agent.

After reading and reviewing the loan terms in the loan package, please

• Print out document
• Complete information 100%
• Sign documents before returning to us as indicated.

View a sample of TC Corp loan package 100% complete as required by our administrative office.

Upon receipt, after review that the full package is complete and signed, we shall issue a delivery authorization to the seller, authorizing them to schedule delivery of the motorcycle. We shall also disburse the funds to pay the seller for the loan amount.

If delivery is to be differed, we shall withhold funds until appropriate to ensure timely scheduling of your requested delivery date.

Your First Payment

is scheduled at the end of the month that we effectively disburse the funds (maximum one month prior to scheduled delivery), or the month of delivery, whichever comes first. This is the effective date. Interest charges begin at the beginning the loan is funded. In the event of cancellation prior to delivery, TC Corp will assess interest charges and administrative charges for the complete months covering the period when the loan was funded and the date the loan is cancelled and refunded by the seller.

You may start your payments prior to delivery if you wish.

Your account can be viewed online at the month end after your first payment begins.


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